Fremantle was originally established as the 'Swan River Colony' and was different to many other Australian colonies in that it was  a 'free settlement' - in that it was originally populated by people who migrated by choice. However, the settlement quickly ran into labor difficulties and as such in 1849 Fremantle's status was changed to a 'penal colony'. The arrival of convicts into the mix of indigenous peoples and 'free settlers' meant things got, well, interesting....

convict pic.png

On the Ball and Chain tour we will walk the streets cobbled by the blood, sweat, and tears of prisoners. You will visit the world heritage listed Fremantle prison, where convicts were made to build the walls they would live behind. 

It's not all doom and gloom though! You will hear of incredible Irish prisoner escapes, The adventures of Welsh Horse rustlers, and the tenacity of Aboriginal prisoners in the face of incredible hardships. 

We'll show you incredible architecture built by convict labour, and also you'll hear songs and poems penned by prisoners themselves! 


In terms of your 5 senses, a lot of other tours can be a bit like this. 

Walking around, just listening to some dude talking. and thats it. Just him talking. a lot. It doesn't matter who you are - that can get, well a little...


If you resonate with this, then the 5 SENSES TOUR IS FOR YOU! We aim to make the pie Chart look a little bit more like this...

you will, 

  • TASTE food and coffee so good it will make you want to cry
  • SEE some massive scale world class street art and hear directly from the artists who created it
  • TOUCH local produce like surfboards hand-made from Bodhi trees, hats made from cork and 3D-printed furniture (all in the context of the amazing "MANY' artists collective)
  • SMELL the fresh baked bread from the warehouses now converted into an Uber cool bakery
  • HEAR the incredibly diverse sounds of Freo's many buskers - Plus you can hear the sound of yourself playing the didgeridoo in collaboration with the awesome team at didgeridoo breath!